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At Schmidt & Associates we know that an informed client is our best customer, and the Internet is a great educational resource full of endless amounts of information just a click or two away.

But sometimes it’s nice to have help sorting through the virtual noise and clutter, so we’ve selected a few helpful articles for you to view. Check back often for all of the latest information on ways to manage your business and personal financial needs more effectively.

4 Things to Know about IRS Notices

Getting a letter from the IRS is scary. But if you do the right things, the worst consequences can be avoided. Here are four things to keep in mind about letters from the IRS. Don’t panic! This letter may not be a request for more money,…

Is Your S-Corporation Compensation Reasonable? Here’s How to Avoid an IRS Audit

A great tax-saving feature of S-corporations is that the net earnings are exempt from self-employment tax. But the tradeoff is that S-corp shareholders are expected to take a salary that qualifies as “reasonable compensation.” Since wages…

Website Launch

Schmidt & Associates launched the redesign of its website in order to provide visitors with even more relevant and easy-to-find information on our accounting services. Enjoy clicking around our new site!